About Me

Hello. My name is Rolf . I am a radioamateur, and my callsign is LA9FFA. Here are some info about me: Born and raised on the east side of Oslo (BjĂžlsen). As many other ham operators I started with CB radio back in early spring 1973 and my CB career ended in 1983. I was also radio operator (platoon level) in my mandantory 1 year millitary service in the Norwegian Army 1979-1980, And also in the Norwegian home guard (HV02 Communications unit) for 22 years 1981-2003. I got lots of help and guidence from my old and longtime friend LA9WN Rolf Kirkeby to get my hamradio licence, LA9WN Rolf went silent key in april 1999. I was first licenced in 1985 as LB5FC. Upgrade to LA licence 1986. I work mainly HF/6M/CW/SSB/DIGTAL, I have worked about 330+ countries on HF.

I`m a member of NRRL-ARRL-LADXG- LA4O.

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